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Emily Teall (BFA '16, MA '18) is a Connecticut-based multimedia artist with particular interests in sculpture and installation. Teall's pursuit of art began with an early-childhood interest in and curiosity about nature. Her curiosity developed into close observations made through the drawing process. Organic elements continue to drive her work. Teall's current work also draws from experiences with social anxiety and from the role of the body in shaping identity.



I navigate the themes of anxiety and memory through my artistic practice, drawing inspiration from ecological, anatomical, and biological references and processes.  I use my art to express and practice introspective rumination on memory as a tool for growth. Many of my artworks focus on this slow-growth concept, referencing gestational and hibernation periods. My art draws on natural imagery of bulbs, seeds, cocoons, and wombs to evoke a gestation period in which the viewer grows through introspection before re-emerging into the community. I create personal “environments” to encourage viewers to meditate on anxieties and memories. My interest in pushing the immersive and experiential qualities of art leads me to work primarily in sculpture and installation.

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