Tulip Bulb

          Tulip Bulb is an 8'x5.5'x6' interactive flower-bulb-shaped sculpture constructed from steel, outdoor-grade acrylic paint, and an outdoor fabric pillow resembling a tulip or lotus blossom. It is easily separated into two sections to facilitate transport.

          Tulip Bulb draws on natural imagery of bulbs and wombs to evoke a gestation period in which the sitter can grow through introspection and reflection before re-emerging into the community. The intricately perforated, subtly painted metal walls facilitate interactions with the outside even as the sitter remains protected: These walls project light and shadows onto the sitter and provide options to focus on the rusted and painted metal or through the gaps between. In our current exhausting environment of political polarization, Tulip Bulb provides a semi-permeable space that encourages the participant to look inwards yet retain the expectation of re-emergence into the community.

Price: $20,000

Tulip Bulb (Outdoor install)